The Five Best Holiday Chick Flicks

I love movies year round, but the winter holidays are when I do my greatest binges. I’ve been known to watch two or three movies a day during winter breaks at home, and it’s quite possibly my favorite time of year. So in honor of today being Thanksgiving and therefore the official start to the holiday season, here are my five favorite holiday chick flicks.

Note: These are in no particular order.

The Holiday

the holiday poster

Aptly titled, this movie takes place over the two weeks that include Christmas and New Years. I love a good ensemble movie (or TV show, for that matter), and The Holiday’s rockstar cast of Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black does not disappoint. Fun fact: Jack Black high fived me once. It was a great day. Anyway, points to this movie for not one but two adorable romance stories, which include cozy cottages, great music, and some Hollywood lore. Negative points for leaving us at the end not knowing whether either of these couples are actually going to make it.

A Lot Like Love

a lot like love posterAlthough this story spans over several years, I’m counting it as a holiday because of one very satisfying New Years scene. One of my all-time favorites, this movie is often forgotten when it comes to rom com classics, which to me is a huge shame. Ashton Kutcher might be one of my favorite male actors, and he is absolutely adorable in this movie. He does a fantastic job of portraying his character’s underlying vulnerability throughout all of his professional and romantic pursuits. I’m also a big fan of the “perfect for each other but didn’t know it” storyline, and the fact that generally when the two main characters are together, good things are happening. My only complaint: the ending is just a teeny bit lame. But I’ll take it.

When Harry Met Sally

when harry met sally poster

Another movie that spans over several years, but this one counts especially because the perfect ending takes place at New Years. One of my favorite movie quotes: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Thank you, Billy Crystal. And Meg Ryan is flawless as always. This is a classic story, and in my mind the first true rom com. We get a story of best friends, a story of New York, a story of lovers, and some concepts that are now engrained within the popular lexicon. The whole girls and guys can’t be friends idea? Yeah, that came from this.

Just Friends

just friends poster

Here we have a classic holidays movie, going pretty much from Christmas to New Years. This used to be one of my absolute favorites because I love Ryan Reynolds so much, but over the years some scenes have become a bit painful to watch (like when he gets hit in the mouth with the hockey puck. Not a fan.) However, I have a special place in my heart for stories about unrequited love and for stories about best friends ending up together, and this movie touches both of these soft spots. It’s also full of some funny and sweet moments, like when Chris and Jamie go through their old high school yearbooks. Just Friends is like a security blanket: it’s got some holes, but it keeps me warm and cozy.

New Year’s Eve

new years eve poster

Thank goodness for Gary Marshall. New Year’s Eve, which follows Valentine’s Day, is a hardcore ensemble cast film that chronicles several small stories throughout the course of one day. It’s chock full of tons of stars, not the least of which is my Glee idol, Lea Michele. I’m a sucker for these kinds of stories, especially when they’re all woven together. I cry every time Hilary Swank watches the ball drop with her dad for the last time. And I particularly like Josh Duhamel’s mystery girl storyline. I love that this movie has so many Gary Marshall favorites, but it’s still fresh and new and it gives us hope for the new year.

So there it is, my by no means final list of my favorite holiday romantic comedies. Many more themed lists to come- and happy holidays!

Until next time!

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