New Year

2014: what can I say?

Quite a bit happened this year. I wrote a thesis (my topic: how do romantic comedies affect our expectations of real life romantic relationships?). I traveled to Navajo Nation. I drove a sports car for the first time. I graduated college. I met Jack Black, Alan Silvestri, Larry King, and William Shatner. I road tripped across the country. I moved to Boston. I made friends. I started a blog.

A fantastic year. And yet, today feels like such a strange note to end it on. What’s so special about today that it deserves to be the last day of such an important year of my life? Today I went to a movie and then out to eat with my family. It was wonderful and worth remembering, but was it the kind of finale that leaves you completely satisfied? I can’t really say yes.

But what would have been the perfect finale, really? It’s life. There are no perfectly clean cuts. No true endings or beginnings. One thing just sort of runs into the next. It’s like on your birthday, when people ask if you “feel” older. Of course you don’t; nothing changed today. Today’s just the day on the calendar that’s marked off for you. It’s great, and you’re going to celebrate it, but you’d be lying if you said you could pick it out from any other day of the year without knowing.

So I’m not going to get crazy with the memories and resolutions and finales of the new year. Just like every other day, I’m going to be grateful that I’m alive, and when I go to bed I’m going to pray that I get to wake up tomorrow. Because tomorrow will be just as special. In a way it’s a beginning, but in a way it’s not that at all.

If you’re into resolutions, go for it. I say a better way to celebrate the new year is by actually celebrating the year. Not just the day it starts. Celebrate the boring times and the difficult times and the times when you don’t even remember your resolution anymore. Celebrate all of the beginnings and endings that happen, because they’re all important. Celebrate the fact that you’re alive and it’s 2015, and hey, we lived longer than the Mayans thought. Celebrate what the new year is supposed to mean: celebration, fresh starts, rejuvenation. Hope.

Happy New Year.

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