Letter To My Bus Buddy

Dear rabid fan base (haha, just kidding): while rummaging around in some of my saved drafts, I found this short but sweet blog that I wrote over Thanksgiving break following my trip to NYC. Better late than never, right?

Yesterday’s bus ride from New York back to Boston was an adventure for many reasons, but what I’ll always remember about it was one very small moment that actually meant quite a lot to me.

I had my headphones in the entire way from New York to Hartford. I spent a majority of the time sleeping, and the rest messing around on my phone. I talked to the person next to me for all of one minute when the bus stopped somewhere and let a few people off. He asked if I was getting off and I told him I had not a single clue where we were or what I was supposed to do, but that I figured this wasn’t my stop. Then we both went back to sleep.

Upon our arrival in Hartford I stepped off the bus and continued messing around on my phone as I waited in line for my next bus. My former bus buddy came up to me and handed me a folded up piece of paper. All he said was, “Here,” and I automatically replied, “Thanks.” He was gone before I even looked up.

I figured the paper was something that had fallen out of my backpack. I unfolded it and read this:


I think you’re very beautiful. I’m sorry if I do sound creepy saying that, I’m just really shy but I thought I should let you know. Sorry for the sloppy handwriting. I blame the bus shaking.

Since I won’t ever see this person again, all I can do is write this response back and send it into cyberspace and wonder whether he’ll ever come across it. So here I go.

Dear Bus Buddy,

Thank you for the note. I’m quite flattered and a bit confused; we were both asleep the entire time, so I’m not sure how I made such an impression on you, but knowing that I did is a nice feeling. I admire your bravery and I appreciate your heart. It’s a really sweet thing to give someone the gift of a compliment without expecting anything in return, and such a compliment can go a long, long way.

Something that I think about often is the idea that you never know what somebody else is going through. If you tell a stranger she’s beautiful, you never know how she’ll take it: annoyed at yet another pursuer? Confused by the circumstances? Or maybe she’ll take it as a sign from the universe telling her not to give up hope on people, because some of them are simply good. Maybe it’ll save her from giving up hope on herself.

You may be shy, but you have courage and a pure heart. Never stop being honest and giving to others. That kind of thing doesn’t happen often enough, and it’s so appreciated. And, truly, thank you. This girl doesn’t hear that she’s beautiful very often.


Your Bus Buddy

Take a minute today and say something nice to somebody. You never know how much they may need it.

Until next time.

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