head shotThis blog is a place to recognize all of the incredible life lessons that we can learn in unconventional places. My special talent is seeing bizarre metaphors or getting epiphanies about life from movies, songs, travels, friends, or anything else I come across. Bottom line? Everything humans do can teach us something about the way we live, whether it’s what we make or how we interact with each other, and I make it my business to find those lessons. Join me!


Don’t know where to start? Sing with me in Central Park,  choose GOMO over FOMO, or follow along as I complete 101 goals in 1001 days!


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  1. Joseph · 17 Days Ago

    I read one of your blog posts about being lonely that you can’t sleep and I feel that every single night I just need someone to care about because I have basically no one.


    • leah14rose · 17 Days Ago

      Thanks for reaching out and I’m glad you found something you could resonate. I find that writing really helps with that feeling because it inspires people like you to reach out and connect.


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